ULTRACAM “UP” – Skiboot Modular Fitting Machine with Air Cooling



After the big success of the past 20 years that universal machine received Brevetti Caminiti has proceed with the experimentation and following production of heating machines for the boot stretching with an electronic control.

ULTRACAM “UP” was born as a new concept of machine for the boot stretching with an electric and electronic control.

Ultracam up is a modular machine that can be provided with one place + starcam or two places + starcam.
Starcam is a last generation machine for ski boot stretching and sport boots stretching in general, in order to be able to customize a standard shoe/boot to the needs of each client.

Compared to the previous “cold” machine these new and innovative machines allow the processing of all kind of material ( leather , plastic etc)

By heating the shapes inside the hull you obtain a permanent modification without any damage on the outside.
Additional innovation are the following:
1. electronic thermostat that allows the adjusting of of the temperature and the subsequent and immediate display of the temperature reached( on both machines);

2. Temperature detection probe in each mold (both machines);

3. Fast compressed air cooling process by means of air release directly inside the molds (both machines);

4. The machine structures has adjustable arms that have a rotation up to 180;

5. A front caliber (option) allows to measure the thrust process of the machine working on the molds;



  • AVAILABLE: from September 2019
  • PRICE: contact us for more details –


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