ULTRACAM “STAR*” (Double Arm)


Ultracam “Star*” Double Arm is one of the new Brevetti Caminiti products, called also Ultracam Universal and carried out for ski boots and sport boots stretching.

This machine for ski boots stretching allows retailers to customize the footwear, adapting to the need of clients, with an innovative mix of mechanical strength and heat.

By heating the shapes inside the hull you obtain a permanent modification without any damage on the outside: the ski boots fitting is now perfect and conforming to the morphology of that foot.

This version of machine for enlarge ski boots provides two arms for working on the boots and the following details:

  • electronic thermostat for the adjusting of the temperature and the subsequent and immediate display of the temperature reached,
  • temperature detection probe,
  • fast compressed air cooling process by means of air release directly inside the molds.

Furthermore, there is an optional front caliber, which allows to measure the thrust process of the Ultracam Star*.



  • AVAILABLE: from September 2019
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