ULTRACAM “STAR*” (Double Arm)



ULTRACAM STAR* (Double Arm) is a last generation machine for ski boot stretching and sport boots stretching in general, in order to be able to customize a standard shoe/boot to the needs of each client.

Compared to the previous “cold” machine these new and innovative machines allow the processing of all kind of material ( leather, plastic, etc)

By heating the shapes inside the hull you obtain a permanent modification without any damage on the outside.
Additional innovation are the following:
1. electronic thermostat that allows the adjusting of of the temperature and the subsequent and immediate display of the temperature reached;

2. Temperature detection probe;

3. Fast compressed air cooling process by means of air release directly inside the molds;

4. The machine structures has adjustable arms that have a rotation up to 180;

5. A front caliber (option) allows to measure the thrust process of the machine working on the molds;



  • AVAILABLE: from September 2019
  • PRICE: contact us for more details –



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